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Bug proof clothing treatment

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Bug Proof Clothing Treatment

Nomad bug proof clothing treatment

Bug proof clothing treatment

If you want to form a extra barrier against mosquitoes use Bug proof Clothing Treatment !
"You've got your skin protected with deet now add extra protection by using bug proof on your clothes"

Bug proof is a permetherin based mosquito - insect killer. The Health Protection Agency of the UK now recommends the option of treating your clothing with Permethrin to help prevent catching malaria.
They also recommend 50% DEET for applying to the skin when visiting malaria endemic areas.

Bug proof Clothing Treatment is the only registered permethrin based product for clothing available in the UK.,it kills insects on contact.
By treating your clothing with Bug proof Clothing Treatment, and using a 50% DEET repellent on your exposed skin, you can achieve the maximum flying insect protection available.

Two types of Bug proof are available
Bugproof Ultra One 150ml treatment effective for six weeks ( clothing can be washed)
Bugproof One 100ml treatment effective for two weeks
Easy pump spray applicator
One bottle treats one outfit of clothing (socks,shirt,trousers)

For information on Deet click here insect repellent provides reliable protection for exposed skin.

BUG PROOF ULTRA(Last up to 6 Weeks) 150ml bottle 8.00
BUG PROOF (Last up to 2 weeks)100ml bottle 6.00
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