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Travel Water Purification

Aqua pure Traveller | Water purification Tabs

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AQUA PURE Traveller

New Size .75 litres
Aquapure traveller is a high performance personal water purification system that is designed for those who may find themselves in places where water quality is dubious or even dangerous.
The unique filter incorporates our M.A.D. (Mechanically Advanced Disinfection) technology that eliminates bacteria, viruses, larger pathogens, chemicals, heavy metals, dirt and odour.
Using NO chemicals and with NO wait time this product will enable you to have access to safe, clean drinking water anywhere, anytime.
Tested and approved for use by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.
Last for 450 refills approx 350 litres

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AQUA PURE Traveller Including Cap/Filter 31.50
AQUA PURE Replacement Cap/Filter 29.99
Aqua pure Water Purifier

Biox Aqua Water Treatment Tablets

We believe that Biox Aqua is the only water treatment that is equivalent or even better than iodine.

Biox Aqua tablets are much easier to use than Biox drops, no mixing just drop one tablet in a litre of water, wait 10 -30 minutes and drink.
30 Tablets in a pack (will treat 30ltr of water)
Biox Aqua Tablets are the safest and most effective approach to water disinfection.
Based on the powerful CIO 2 water treatment biocide, Biox is more effective than chlorine or iodine tablets and does not leave a bad taste or colours behind.
Biox is effective against tough contaminants such as Crytosporidium and Giardia
To use just add one tablet to a litre of filtered water and leave for ten minutes before drinking, if water is very cold or Crytosporidium is suspected leave for 30 minutes before drinking.

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Biox water purification tablets
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