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travel towels
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Travel Towels and Travel Hygiene

Travel Towel | Biodegradable Soap | Sinkplugs | Solar Shower | Travel Wash | Toiletry Bag | Shewee

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There are thousands of travel towels and hygiene products available today we have put together a small collection of items that we think would be ideal for travel, we have taken into consideration weight and packing sizes, ensuring lighter luggage.

Travel towels are ultra absorbent, lightweight and are available in different sizes. A deciding factor when choosing a towel size is wether you are male or female, males can get away with smaller towels as they ony have one private area to cover, women need to cover more body area when in a mixed male/female environment found in hostels etc. Women need a towel that is at least 75cm wide..

Trekmates Travel Towel

Travel Towels This new range of quick drying antibacterial micro fibre Travel Towels are lightweight durable and utilise a unique antibacterial treatment, which helps prevent bacteria, mould, fungi and odours - thereby increasing the lifetime of your Travel Towel.
This ultra absorbent, lightweight towel. supplied in a ventilated stuff bag Features:

.Small and compact
.Antibacterial treated
.Ventilated stuff bag
.Micro fibre fabric absorbs over twice its own body weight
Available Sizes:
XLarge 60cm x 120cm Size packed 16cm x 8cm Dia 18.99
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Nomad Travel Towel

travel towel and bag
Accessories not included

This lightweight micro fibre Travel Towel is fast drying and highly absorbent making it ideal for Travel, Trekking. It comes packed in a its own wash bag which has a internal compartments for toiletries,as shown above
Body Size 60cm x 120cm - Packed 17cm x 12cm x 8cm 17.00
Bath Size 90cm x 140cm - Packed 17cm x 12cm x 8cm 20.50
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Nomad Compact Travel Towel

travel towel This Towel has a feel of a shammy leather highly absorbent, lightweight towel .Supplied in a strong plastic zippable pouch. No further need to carry heavy bulky conventional towels. Works wet not dry. Do they work ? The answer is yes and very well. It works wet like a shammy and absorb all the excess moisture from skin and hair - just squeeze out and pack away .Supplied in a strong plastic zippable pouch
Size 39cm x 31cm
Size packed 13cm x 10cm x 4.5cm
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Sea to Summit Large Pocket Travel Towel

The name says it all! Our most compact towel for lightweight travellers, cycle commuters or anywhere that space is at a premium and dryness appreciated
This ultralite travel towel is manufactured from ultrafine woven micro fibre ,it can absorb 3 times its weight in water, and comes complete with a nifty neoprene storage pouch.
Large Pocket Towel 60cm x 120 / 24" x 48" 110g / 3.9 oz
Size packed 12cm x 8cm x 6cm
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Sea to Summit wilderness wash

The super concentrated Sea To Summit Wilderness Wash goes a long, long way and is biodegradable,gentle on fabrics and skin but effective on dishes and laundry stains..

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Biodegradable Soap

This ecological soap works well in all types of water and temperatures, as well as in saltwater. A few drops in water gives quick effective suds for clean hands, face, hair, dishes or anything washable. Environmentally friendly
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Universal Sink Plug

Type 1 Manufactured out of soft flat rubber. Weight of water and suction from plug hole holds it in position.. Fits all standard size baths and sinks.Dia 93mm
Type 2 Manufactured out of PVC. Fits all standard size baths and sinks.
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Travel Wash

A concentrated washing gel specially formulated to use when you are away from home. Glo white travel wash brings colours up bright and gives you sparkling clean whites in any type of fresh water.
100ml Approx up to 20 washes

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Sea to Summit Pocket Soap Leaves

Leaves of Soap
These all new soap leaves are fantastic for travel, camping, a long weekend away,any where on the move.
They are lightweight, compact, dry and also TSA carry-on-compliant, which means okay to take on the aircraft.
There are now several different variations
Body Wash Soap - ideal for washing hands and body
Laundry leaves - ideal for washing clothes
Shampoo with conditioner - ideal for washing hair

The convenient plastic compact case contains 50 leaves. Your personal soap / shampoo / laundry leaves wherever you go!!!!!

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Trekmates Visual Toiletry Bag

trekmates Visual Toiletry BagTrekmates Visual Toiletry Bag is ultra light and ultra compact. Storage and travel bag has good designs to ensure optimum use of space. It comes in a medium size and is available in a blue colour.
Weight 42Gms
Size 25cm x 15cm

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Travel Storage Kit

Travel Storage Kit Pack your favorite toiletries, documents, bits and pieces in this selection of bottles, wallets and self seal bags.
Use in conjunction with Bathroom Cabinet for a complete travel storage system
Contents 1 x Large Pouch, 1 x Small Pouch, 60ml Bottle and spray, 1 x 50ml Bottle, 1 x 100ml Bottle, 1 x Pot, 4 x Self-seal-bags, 6 x Labels.
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Travel Solar Shower

Travel Solar Shower If you want a hot shower in the outdoors this 20 litre solar shower is just the thing, just fill with water lay on a flat smooth surface, with transparent side exposed to the rays of the sun.
Depending on the temperature of the water needed, allow to lie in the sun for up to 3 Hours.
Weight 390g Size when rolled up 40cm x 4cm
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Shewee The portable urinating device for women

Shewee Shewee doesn't just offer equality with men, but is a real and revolutionary device which will change women's lives.

Designed with women of all ages and occupations in mind, the compact Shewee will soon be as much of a handbag essential as your lipstick!

Whether you choose to use Shewee to avoid sitting on less than desirable public toilet seats, or if your job or favorite hobby makes going to the toilet in the usual squatting stance difficult, Shewee is a brilliant solution and is hygienic.

When positioned securely under the crotch, and with underwear pushed to the side, Shewee directs urine away from the body to a suitable place, such as a toilet, a container or a conveniently located tree!

Active Women
No more crossed legs or uncomfortable squatting.
Maintain your privacy and banish bare bottoms!
Stand up at public toilets to avoid unhygienic seats and smelly Portable loos.
Hike/climb/ski/jog off the beaten track, miles from the nearest toilet.
Travel the world with the comfort of home in your pocket.

Less Mobile Women
hospital inpatients
wheelchair bound
disabled and mobility impaired women
those with continence concerns
pregnant women
elderly women
those who give regular urine samples
those with a broken leg
those who suffer from arthritis
those who have been affected by cancer of the vulva
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We hope your visit to our Travel towel and hygiene page was helpfull and informative, if you require more information on any of the above travel hygiene products, or just plain simple advice on any travel related issues please telephone 07868 699133 and ask for Lincoln.