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Lifesystems EX4 fabric insect clothing treatment

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Lifesystems EX4 Fabric Treatment

EX4 Fabric Treatment

EX4 AntiMosquito Fabric Treatment

Protects you and your fabrics from the build up of bacteria and from biting insects. By simply spraying this treatment onto fabrics or textiles, you are adding an effective layer of protection to the fibres of the fabric which will stay there for several washes.

Ideal for use on clothing, tents, mosquito nets, blankets and sleeping bags.

EX4 is Durable and long lasting even after treated fabrics have undergone multiple washings.
EX4 is Hygienic and will inhibit the growth of dangerous bacteria including MRSA & E Coli.
Inhibits the growth of a spectrum of moulds and fungus which are shown to cause degradation and staining as well as nasty odours

Easy pump spray applicator
One 350ml bottle will treat up to 7 square metres of fabric.
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