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Lifesysteme Bite Relief Click

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Lifesystems Bite Relief

Lifesystems bite Relief

Bite Relief click

Lifesystems bite relief click instantly soothes the discomfort and itching of bites. It uses a piezo-electric pulse to reduce irritation and can be used as and when required. Simply place it onto the affected area of skin and push the red button about 10-150 times for instant relief.

The bite relief Click is the new design of the revolutionary treatment 'Click Don't Scratch' that stops the urge to scratch and reduces the swelling.
How it Works.
When a mosquito bites it release a anticoagulant to help blood flow, your body then produces ant histamine this combination causes you to scratch.

To stop itching simply place click on the bite and click 10-15 times on and around bite, the effect is that it inhibits the histamine build-up under the skin; this relieves the discomfort and urge to scratch, which in turn ensures that a bite doesn't't become inflamed or septic.
Everytime you feel the urge to scratch DON'T Just Click
Will last approximately 3000 clicks

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If you require more information regarding Bite Relief using Click please do not hesitate to telephone us on 01942 511 820 and we will try and answer all your questions.