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Lifeventure TSA Luggage Strap

Stadard cotton money belt Lifeventure-TSA-luggage-strap
A tough strap that can be wrapped around your luggage and through straps and then locked using a 3 digit combination TSA lock. Ideal for suitcases and duffles. TSA allows customs officials to open the lock without breaking it using a secure key. The combinations can be personalised.

The US Government Transport Security Administration (TSA) have advised passengers that if their baggage needs to be opened for inspection, and is locked, they will, if necessary, break open the locks.

By using Travel Sentry certified locks the TSA will no longer request that you leave your checked bags unlocked.

The Travel Sentry mark alerts TSA personnel that they may open your luggage strap lock without destroying it. TSA baggage screeners in the US have secured access to special codes and tools to open Travel Sentry certified locks when necessary. After opening and inspecting, the screeners will then relock your luggage to keep bags secure
  • 3-dial Travel Sentry® Approved combination lock
  • Length:100 cm
  • Width: 6 cm / 2 in
  • Weight: 200g
TSA Certifed
Pacsafe - TSA Certified Luggage locks can are often damaged during the search process as custom officers have no way of opening them but to cut them off. With Lifeventure TSA Luggage strap, TSA agents can open and securely re-lock the locks using codes and secure tools during their inspection.

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