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Recoverice Wrap

Medium ice Wrap | Large ice Wrap |

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Recoverice Bandages A bandage that works like an ice pack speeds up recovery from muscle sprains. The ice bandage called Recoverice contains a mixture of natural oils that cool the skin and heals tissue.

Medics treating soft tissue injuries work to a principle called RICE which stands for
Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. However ice causes such a loss of feeling that patients often do not realise they are burning their skin with it.

The bandage is designed to get gradually colder for the first 10 minutes then remain cool for over an hour

Recoverice is revolutionary new technique for treating injuries and pains, new and existing. It reduces recovery time from new injuries drastically.
Immediate compression keeps your initial injury swelling down, while the natural instant cooling relieves your pain and speeds your healing process.

Recoverice gives you pain relief from your existing and old injuries and muscle soreness. Recoverice reduces your minor aches and pains in minutes. It can also help strengthen your previously injured joints by cooling and stabilising your collagen, the joint forming protein in the body. Recoverice is especially good for areas where it is hard to apply an ice pack. Recoverice also allows mobility in contrast to a conventional ice pack. Recoverice is portable and needs no refrigeration.

Medium and Large ice wrap bandages

The products are hermetically sealed, thus non-perishable and have an almost infinite shelf life.

The Medium Size Ice Wrap single application (1m / 40 inches)
is used for wrist, ankle, elbow, calves,neck etc.

The Large Ice wrap single aplication (2m / 80 inches)
is most suitable for larger areas such as knees, legs shoulders, lower back etc.

Medium size ice wrap 3.99
Large Ice wrap 4.99

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