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Navigation Equipment and compasess

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Compass Field7

Compass Field 7
A beginners compass for all kind of land navigation.
Map measuring scales mm, 1:50k, and 1:250k
Declination scale inside capsule
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Expedition 4 compass

Compass Ranger 3
The Silva Expedition 4 Compass is the best selling compass in the UK and not without reason. The Expedition 4 is a highly accurate compass with a full size baseplate but on that baseplate are all the rulers and romer scales you are likely to come across plus luminous marker stripes for night navigation and a magnifying lens. Lanyard hole in baseplate for extra security, lanyard string included. Soft runner feet on baseplate to help compass grip the map when taking bearings.
The Expedition 4 is really the only compass you would ever need. The Expedition 4 compass is generally accepted as the standard compass to have for Mountain Leader training, Duke of Edinburgh activities or military use.
As the Expedition 4 is so popular with the military there is a version of this compass in mils rather than degrees. Sometimes called the Compass 4 Militaire, it's an Expedition 4 with the scale in mils.

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Ranger15 now called Expedition 15

Compass Ranger15
Probably the most used compass on expeditions all over the world! RANGER 15 has been on the top of Mount Everest as well as in rain-soaked tropical jungles. It is a partner that can be trusted in the worst conditions! A classic, detailed sighting compass. Magnifying mirror and sighting hole at the lower edge of the mirror. Rubber feet on the baseplate, magnifier and measuring scales in millimetres and inches. Romer scales 1:50.000 and 1:25.000. 15TDCL has permanent compensation for magnetic declination and a clinometer for inclined angles. .
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