AQUA PURE Traveller

Having just put this little water purifier through 6 weeks of continual use around Mexico, Guatemala and Belize I am totally convinced this is one of the best water purifiers I have ever used ,its so simple and easy. Just unscrew the top, fill from literally any fresh water source and drink. With the use of the iodine sleeve (allow a fifteen minute contact period) the nastiest kind of water is crystal clear, safe and drinkable with no iodine after taste.On the above trip I used the the filter with iodine sleeve
Last for 700 refills approx 350 litres

How it works The special purification cap in the AQUA-PURE Traveller contains a fine and complicated matrix of paths that prevents all waterborne pathogens from entering your drinking water. The 2 micron absolute GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) porous plastic filter impregnated with exclusive adsorbing medias, provides you with water thatís safe to drink. On models with iodine sleeve it just simply slips over the plastic filter.
Micro-Organisms destroyed by the AQUA PURE Traveller with Disinfectant (i) sleeve.
Listed below are just a few of the bacteria, viruses and parasites destroyed and removed by the sleeve and filter.
Bacteria Associated Disease
E.coli b Diarrhoea, Dysentery type disease
Vibro Cholera Severe Diarrhoea, Dehydration
S. AureusToxic Shock Syndrome
S. PyogenesStrep Throat,Rheumatic & Scarlet Fever
S.schottmulleri Salmonellosis, Gastroenteritis
L. PneumophilaLegionnairesí Disease
Giardia lamblia cystsGiardiasis (Beaver Fever)
G. Muris cystsA rodent pathogen
Cryptosporidium-parvun oocystsCryptosporidiosis (severe Diarrhoea)
Polio, type 1Polio
Herpes simplex, 2Conjunctivitis
CoxsackleMeningitis, Respiratory Disease
Echo, type 2Meningitis, Respiratory Disease