Order Information

Special offers on delivery charges
Are for standard delivery in the U.K. only

General shipping Costs
Our everyday shipping costs are as follows:-
2.99 for one Item
3.99 for two or more items, up to 10 items
6.50 for 10 items or more

Next Day
We have introduced a 24 hour courier service for 5.50.
To use this service when ordering please ring 07868 699133

24 Hour delivery is dependent on stock.
Deliveries will be between the hours of 9.00am and 6.30pm and will require a signature.
Deliveries are for week days hours only and does not include weekends or bank holidays

Outside the UK
The standard rate that is the amount that is quoted on the order, this is not guaranteed against loss, we will always give you the option for a guaranteed service by email, this service has an extra cost.
Sometimes the cost to send the item will exceed our standard shipping costs, when this happens we will weigh your shipment and email you the extra cost to send the item.


There are several methods of placing an order, you can pay by Cheque or Credit card / Debit Card etc ,
Simply ring 07868 699 133 or order online

When placing your order you have two methods of payment to choose from :-

1. Paypal, (You do not need a account with them)
Paypal is a protected secure online payment domain for entering of credit card information.
We researched several methods of online payment and eventually choose Paypal for its cutting-edge security, fraud prevention, and chargeback protection.

2. Through our own system, which is a secure and protected domain for entering of credit card information our site has a Comodo SSL Certificate certificate.

What is Comodo?

The Comodo Trusted Site Seal is a visible, real-time assurance of trust letting Website visitors know in an instant that the site is protected by one of the most trusted digital certificate providers on the Web.

By Cheque
Click add to cart button Each time you do this a window will appear with what you have ordered, close the window or edit untill you have all your products.
When you have all your items click the check out button. A new window will appear asking for billing a address, complete with your relevant info, and click Printable Order Form button at the bottom of the page.
A Final window will open, check your total, a P&P charge of 2.99 for one Item or 3.99 for two or more items will be added automatically to your bill and if okay click Print My Order button
Post order form with enclosed cheque.
Cheques should be made payable to Catch22

By Credit Card / Debit Card
As above or simply ring our sales line on 07868 699 133