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Personal Travel Safe

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Personal Travel Safe

Portable Safe

A 'unique portable safe'designed and manufactured by Catch22 from 1.2mm steel plate and 4mm steel cable with a very strong padlock, total weight only 620gms (just over 1lb).

Large enough to hold two European style passports, credit cards, travellers cheques, documents and cash. It can be anchored by its steel cable (50cm long) to any permanent fixture in a room. Developed to prevent 'opportunists' theft which is responsible for 80% of holiday and household thefts, it will deter all but the most determined thief.

Ideal for package holiday makers staying in hotels/apartments or holiday camps, independent travellers staying in cheap hotels, youth hostels or other dormitory style accommodation. For overland, boating and caravan type holidays. Perfect for students living in halls or student houses or anyone who may be at risk from petty theft or want a little extra added security.
1) Practical Lightweight, portable and versatile in use.
2) Security Protection for valuables, money etc ,easy to hide and cover.
3) Convenience/ A choice whether 'valuables' are carried. around all day or not. the advantage of being 'near at hand', always available, can be used year after year
4) Reassurance Peace of mind knowing valuables are more secure.
5) Economical Reduces the need to use a hotel safe (saving you money) can be used year after year
Portable Safe Picture 2 Cannot be opened or broken using physical strength alone!
The safe is manufactured from 1.2mm steel plate with a 50cm x 4mm dia steel cable and comes complete with a 32mm iron padlock with a steel hasp.
Most'opportunist'theft is successful because it is quick and quiet.
Although not infallible, it would take time, equipment and knowhow to acquire the safe or its contents.
Patent pending.
Available types
Personal Safe standard (shown) 25.00
Size 115mmx145mmx30mm,  Weight 620 gms Approx
Personal Safe family Safe 28.00
Size 115mmx145x50mm,   Weight 650gms Approx

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