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Pyramid Ecoguard Deet Free Extreme insect repellent

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Ecoguard Extreme insect repellent

Nomad neet deet

Ecoguard Deet Free Extreme insect repellent

Ecoguard uses the bio-engineered insect repellent Saltidin, and is fully compliant with the EU Biocides Directive.
It provides protection for up to 8 hours, depending on prevailing conditions, without the drawbacks often associated with the use of DEET.
Ecoguard is safe to use on children over the age of two years. Ecoguard should be considered for use for general travel in of tropical and sub-tropical areas
When travelling in remote rural areas in these regions, consider using a stronger insect repellent such as 100% DEET Repel Xtreme. It is also suitable for day-to-day use outdoors whenever biting insects are a nuisance.

* Two sizes
* 120ml pump spray bottle 160 x 38mm 155g 6.99
* 60ml pump spray bottle 125 x 35mm 100g 4.99

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