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Pyramid premium wedge mosquito net

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Pyramid Premium Mosquito Net

Pyramid Premium wedge mosquito net

The pyramid premium mosquito net is a high quality versatile impregnated mosquito net that has triple hanging points but can be hung by two or three points, to the ceiling or walls, it also has eyelets for pegging down the mosquito net when using outdoors.

The free Mosquito net hanging kit contains cord and various types of hooks.

Impregnated wjth Deltamethrin which lasts for 2 years or 35 washes.

A decent weight skirting around the bottom of the net that tucks under mattress or sleeping bag sets Pyramid apart from lesser alternatives.

Available in single or double, a great travel mosquito net where packing space is at premium. It is a small wedge mosquito net, ideal for the minimalist traveller in mind, it is suitable for beds and tented accommodation

. 300 holes per square inch fabric
. Impregnated with Delthamethrin
. Colour: White
. Compact and Lightweight
. 2/3 point hanging
. Comes with storage bag
. Hanging Kit supplied
. Size packed 19 x 10cm Dia Single
. Size packed 20 x 10cm Dia Double
. Single Size (L)230 x (W)90 x (H)150cm, Weight 300g.22.00
. Double Size (L)230 x (W)160 x (H)150cm, Weight 380g.30.00

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