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Rucksack and Luggage Security

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This unique rucksack buckle lock was designed to give some security to the ever vulnerable rucksack. The Saklock clips into the rucksacks existing side squeeze buckle, this then effectively prevents the buckle from being opened and stops the webbing strap from being released. Once in position it can remain on the rucksack / bag. Manufactured from strong glass filled nylon it weighs only 6 grammes approx. The three models of rucksack lock available enable bags etc to be secured that otherwise could not be locked, vurtually anything that uses25mm side squeeze buckles e.g. rucksacks, camera bags, cycle bags, suitcases etc.can now be locked.

Sacklock N1 fitted on the buckle
Three models are available:-

SAKLOCK K1 Rucksack Lock

Designed to secure the old range of Karrimor rucksacks (packaged in pairs).

Recently karrimor have changed their buckle again! so it is possible the N1 will also fit some of the karromor rucksacks. To determine correct model measure the distance, as shown on the image.

£7.99 Quantity: click Here to add to cart

SAKLOCK N1 Rucksack lock

Designed to secure a variety of rucksacks including those using Nexus, Valle and National Molding type buckles. (packaged in pairs)
£7.99 Quantity: click Here to add to cart


Designed to secure the range of buckles not covered by the K1 & N1. It is totally different in its concept and fitting, and is manufactured from 1.2mm steel plate in two parts with a unit weight of approx 25 grams. It is adjustable, which enables it to be used on most 25mm buckles. (packaged in pairs)
£9.99 Quantity: click Here to add to cart
Patent No. 2266337
Standard and Universal Saklocks
Saklocks packaged in pairs
Above Photo K1 attached to Karrimor buckle
Saklock fitting details

SAKBAG AIR (Airline Tote Bag)

!!!!!!!!! All ways copied but never bettered !!!!!!!!!!!
Sakbag The Sakbag was the first Airline tote bag on the market it is the ideal accessory for any one who travelles with a backpack. This large oval bag manufactured from waterproof 4oz P.U. nylon, has handles and a strong lockable zip. The double sliders can be locked with a small padlock (in addition to this we have added a new and improved zip locking system). The rucksack is placed inside and the Sakbag can then be carried like a 'suitcase'. Whether you travel by plane, train, bus or ferry the Sakbag alleviates fear of theft, damage to straps, buckles and canvas and provides protection against the weather and wear & tear. At the airports the Sakbag simplifies check-in, Some airports require rucksacks to be checked in at a special baggage check-in desk to avoid them causing an obstruction on the conveyor belts.
Ideal for:-
Airports, Trains, Ferries, Bus/Coaches, especially if rucksack is loaded on top of a local bus. Also Provides extra space for all those souvenirs.

!!!!!!!!! We have now added a new more secure way to lock the Zip !!!!!!!!!!
MATERIAL 4oz waterproof polyurethane backed nylon
WEIGHT Sm 230 gms Lge 280 gms XL 320gms
SIZE Sm 76x61cm up to 50Ltr Large 99x68cm up to 75Ltr XL 110 x 73cm 75 litre and above COLOUR Navy Blue
X LARGE £17.99 LARGE £16.99 SMALL £14.99
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Wrap Safe

Pacsafe Wrap Safe

From Suitcases,briefcases and backpacks, to roof-rack luggage, golf bags and bicycles, Wrapsafe secures it all. The heavy duty Wrapsafe wraps tight around luggage,and is light and flexible enough to take anywhere. Just wrap it around, cinch it shut and lock it.
Weight 200 grams
lenght 2.5m

£19.99 Quantity: click Here to add to cart

Combination Cable Lock

Combination Cable Lock

From Suitcases, briefcases and backpacks, to Ski's, golf bags and bicycles. A 4ft steel cable, 3 digit combination lock housed in high impact ABS case.
Weight 75 grams
£6.99 Quantity: click Here to add to cart

Carry Safe Shoulder Strap

Pacsafe Carry Safe Shoulder Strap

These shoulder straps from pacsafe have high tensile stainless steel running along the whole of the strap, and can not be slashed
Just replace your existing strap, and instantly you reduce the risk of theft from slashing.
There are two types available:


With a cushioned, breathable neck pad and user-friendly quick-release connectors, the CarrySafe 100 from Pacsafe is a versatile, anti-theft strap that can be easily attached to most SLR cameras, binoculars or their carrying cases.
Materials: nylon, neoprene padding, high-tensile stainless steel wire
Maximum Length: 152 cm / 60 in
Width: 2 cm / 0.75 in
Weight: 100 g / 3.6 oz


The CarrySafe 200 is a comfortably cushioned, non-slip, anti-theft shoulder strap which is perfect for a camera bag or laptop case. The CarrySafe 200 features slashproof, high-tensile stainless steel wire embedded in the shoulder strap. Each connecting end has screw-down locking metal nuts, which when tightened with the included wrench mean the strap cannot be easily or quickly removed.
Materials: nylon, high-tensile stainless steel wire
Maximum strap length: 137 cm / 53.9 in
Minimum strap length: 93 cm / 36.6 in
Width: 4 cm / 1.5 in
Weight: 220 g / 8 oz
Carrysafe 100 £19.99
Carrysafe 200 £24.99
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20mm Padlock with Three Keys £0.70
25mm Padlock with Three Keys £1.05
30mm Padlock with Three Keys £1.25
32mm Padlock double locking hasp £2.99
30mm Combination Padlock £4.99
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Pacsafe T.S.A. Accepted Padlocks

These TSA padlocks are essential for anyone planning a trip to the U.S.A..
If you decide to lock your baggage for Air Travel, you should be aware of the new security measures introduced in the U.S.A. If immigration decide they want to open your checked baggage and your bag is locked, then the locks may have to be broken. immigration is not liable for damage caused to locked bags that must be opened for security purposes.

Click her to find out more about TSA   >>>

This problem has now been addressed, by the introduction of:-
T.S.A. Accepted padlocks

The Prosafe Travel Sentry Certified padlocks are recognised and accepted by the Transport Security Administration in all 429 US commercial Airports. All padlocks display a logo, which alerts TSA agents that they can open your lock and relock it using codes and secured tools during no more dammaged locks and bags

Pacsafe Prosafe650
This 25mm TSA padlock has a
Pop-up indicator
, that indicates
whether padlock has been opened by
TSA agents during inspection. Prosafe650 TSA padlock
Two in a Pack with keys Prosafe610 TSA  padlock

Available in Black only
One in a Pack Prosafe700 TSA padlock

1 x 25mm padlock £7.99
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2 x 23mm Brass £5.99
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1 x 30mm Combination £6.99
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Lockable Luggage Strap

T.S.A Lockable Luggage Strap

This versatile Strap is ideal for persons who have built in locks on their luggage, and do not wish to lock their Suitcases / Bags due to the new USA Screening laws.
The 2 metre Strap is manufactured from 25mm strong nylon webbing strap which incorporates our unique buckle locking system, which now uses a TSA padlock. (picture above shows strap with TSA brass padlock)
The strap length is adjustable, which makes this ideal for all types of luggage.the strap is sold with iether the TSA 600 padlock or the TSA indicator Padlock

Click her to find out about guidelines for travel to the USA    >>>>
Types of TSA Luggage Straps available:
Luggage strap with prosafe brass TSA Approved padlock £7.99
Luggage strap with prosafe indicator TSA Approved padlock £9.50
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Peli 1075 HardBack Case

  • Interior Dimensions:
    11.11" x 7.92" x 1.63" (28.2 x 20.1 x 4.1 cm)
  • Designed to protect various electronics including 10 inch tablets,iPad2 ipad2 with smart cover and net books
  • Watertight Gasket - Tight seal created when case is shut
  • The easy open latch remains shut under pressure or after impact
  • Automatic Purge Valve - Keeps water and dust out while balancing air pressure
  • Removable shoulder strap included
  • Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence
  • Discover which portable electronic device will fit, using our Portable Electronic Device Fit Guide
  • Watertight, crushproof, and dust proof
Peli hardback case model 1065Peli hardback case model 1065

Peli 1075 HardBack Case £70.00

Quantity: click Here to add to cart
Room Security
Money Security
Personal Security

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