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Sleeping and Comfort

Synthetic Sleeping Bags | Down Sleeping Bags |
Choosing a good sleeping bag can be a matter of life or death or simply about getting a good nights sleep. There is a great deal to consider when purchasing a sleeping bag, So a lot of thought is required in order to attain the correct bag. It is important to take into consideration, the climate conditions, weight, packed size and most important comfort and warmth

Two main types of Sleeping Bag bag are available

Down Sleeping Bags
Arete Down Sleeping BagThese bags use a natural fill, normally Duck Down providing an exceptional warmth for weight ratio and if looked after will perform year after year. The one draw back, is because of the nature of the fill, it looses insulation, if wet and may smell a little if left wet for any length of time, with this in mind care should be taken in humid and wet climates. They are unbeatable for Alpine, Extreme Alpine and Dessert use, where warmth, weight and pack size are essential.
Synthetic Sleeping Bags
Adventurer Synthetic Sleeping Bag These bags use synthetic man made fibres are great value for money, easy to care for, versatile and provide excellent insulation even if damp or wet making them ideal for humid and wet climates, the only draw back is the slightly greater pack size and weight. They are Ideal for Adventure travel, Tropical Climes, and general use

Other points to consider
Temperature ratings
As bags are usually scientifically rated, temperature ratings are to be used only as a guide. Performance may vary during use due to a number of factors, such as whether the bag is used with a good sleeping mat, the amount of clothing worn, also everyone has differing metabolic rates and can generate and hold heat at different levels. we all no what type of person we are, if you find it hard to keep warm you should allow for this and choose a higher rating bag.
Bulk and cost
There are many sleeping bags on the market that have a good rating, but are heavy and bulky so not ideal if you are having to carry it yourself. These bags are great for general use where size and weight are not a problem, ideal if you drive to the camp or caravan site. Generally the heavier and bulkier, the cheaper they are!
Sleeping Mats
Sleeping Sheets

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