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Sun Blocks / Sun Tan Lotions

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lifesystem sport jellyfish safe sun block

Lifesystems sport and jellyfish safe sun block

The Sports sun cream is specifically designed for high-intensity activity use for long periods, in or out of the water. The cream offers 5-star UVA protection, water resistance and broad spectrum filters, as well as an effective jellyfish repellent to provide safer sea swimming. Apply liberally over dry skin 30 minutes prior to sun exposure. One application lasts for up to 6 hours or 80 minutes swimming. Reapply every 2 hours in areas of increased humidity, after swimming or using a towel. Over200 million beachgoers around the globe are exposed to marine stingers each year.
What is a Jellyfish sting?
Physical contact between exposed human skin and jellyfish tentacles activates tens of thousands of stinging cells. These cells inject poison into the skin, creating pain, rash and redness.
Jellyfish stinging mechanism?
Jellyfish stinging mechanism
How does it Work?
The anti- jellyfish protection system uses plankton extract to deter most species of jellyfish from stinging.

SPF 50 100ml bottle 8.99
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