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Mosquito net treatment kit

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Mosquito net treatment kit

Permethrin treatment kit

This mosquito net treatment kit is ideal for re treatment of mosquito nets, Contains permerthrin, which is used to treat a wide range of mosquito nets.

When your net has been used for several months or has been washed you may need it re-treating.

This kit will allow you to treat a single net, giving 2 - 3 months protection. Permost EC HSE N08580 Contains ingredient Permethrin (25:75) 12.5% w/v Always read the Label.

Use Pesticides safely.

. Lasts two to three months
. Treatment for single net
. Instructions mixing bag and gloves
. 40ml bottle

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If you require more information regarding the permethrin mosquito net treatment kit please do not hesitate to telephone us on 01942 511 820 and we will try and answer all your questions.